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United States Army Air Force

  Ralph A. Calderon
Corporal, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service Number: 39 405 800
Induction: 22 Dec 1942 at Sacramento, California

3502nd Army Air Force Base Unit
Aug 1944 AAF Technical School, Amarillo AAF, Texas
Feb 1945 - Mar 1945 AAF Training Command (Bomber), Victorville AAF, California
MOS: Airplane & Engine Mechanic 747
Discharge: 27 Feb 1946
Awards: American Campaign Medal; Good Conduct; WWII Victory Medal




World War II


Percy D. Banales
Private, U.S. Army Air Forces
Service Number: 39 756 866
Induction: 24 Jul 1945 at Fort MacArthur San Pedro, California

Jul 1945 AAF Basic Training, Shepard AAF, Texas
Oct 1945 - 09 Nov 1945 Decon Equip Opr Course, AAFTS Buckley Field, Colo
MOS: Decontaminating Equipment Operator 809
Discharge: 22 Feb 1946
Awards: WWII Victory Medal


World War II

United States Air Force Reserve


  Esteban C. Martinez
Airman 3rd Class, United States Air Force Reserve
Service Number: AF 19 394 460
Enlistment: 13 Feb 1954

Discharge: 30 Dec 1954



United States Army

Esteban C. Martinez
Private First Class, U.S. Army
Service Number: US 19 394 460
Induction: 31 Dec 1954 at Los Angeles, California

1st Armored Division Artillery

Specialty: Artillery Fire Control Crewman 210
Discharge: 28 Feb 1962 (Transferred to Army Reserve 01 Oct 1956)


United States Marine Corps 


Jesus J. Banales
Private (E-1), United States Marine Corps
Service Number: 1649591
Enlistment: 13 Nov 1956 at Los Angeles, California

H&SCo. Staging Regiment, MCB, Camp Pendelton, Calif
Overseas Deployments : (1 year, 3 months, 9 days)
Specialty: Cook 3371
Discharge: 12 Nov 1962 (Transferred to Marine Corps Reserve 12 Nov 1958)
03 May 1958, Cooks and Bakers Field School


United States Army Reserve


Robert G. Reynosa
Private E-1 (P), U.S. Army Reserve
Service Number: FR 19 710 968
Induction: 26 Jan 1962 at Van Nuys, California

XV US Army Corps (USAR) 

Specialty: Light Weapons Infantry 111
Discharge: 31 Dec 1969 (Transferred to Army Reserve 07 May 1962)




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