WWII U.S. Aircraft Final Assembly Plants

Then and Now

last updated 11/17/2005

Company Plant Name Location State 1944 Product(s) 1944 Employment What is it Now?
Bell -;-;BE;- Niagara Falls NY P-39 Airacobra
P-63 Kingcobra
28,000 Wheatfield Business Center
Bell -;-;BA;- Marietta GA B-29 Superfortress 28,000 (now Lockheed Martin Plant) is still operating building C-130s and F-22s
Boeing Plant 2 ;-;BO;- Seattle WA B-17 Flying Fortress incl. Boeing still operating is vacant facility
Boeing -;-;BN;- Renton WA B-29 Superfortress incl. Boeing still operating building 737s and 757s wings
Boeing -;-;BW;- Wichita KS B-29 Superfortress 40,000 (now Sprit Aerostructures Plant) still operating building 737 fuselages
Consolidated Plant 1
San Diego CA PBY Catalina B-24 Liberator  45,000 demolished 1997 (vacant lot) 
Consolidated -;-;CF;- Fort Worth TX B-24 Liberator  32,000 (now Lockheed Martin Plant) still operating building F-16s
Curtiss-Wright Plant 2 ;-;CU;- Buffalo NY P-40 Warhawk, C-46 Commando - Buffalo Airport Center
Curtiss-Wright -;-;-;- Columbus OH SB2C Helldiver 13,000 vacant facility since 1994

Columbus International Air Center

Curtiss-Wright -;-;CS;- St. Louis MO C-46 Commando - Missouri Air National Guard facility
Curtiss-Wright -;-;CK;- Louisville KY C-46 Commando - demolished ~1995 (site now north / south runway at SDF) 
Douglas -;-;DO;- Santa Monica CA A-20 Havoc, C-54 Skymaster 40,000 demolished ~1980s (site now hangars and industrial park) 
Douglas -;-;DE;- El Segundo CA SBD Dauntless - (now Northrop Grumman Plant) is still operating building F/A-18s 
Douglas -;-;DL;- Long Beach CA B-17 Flying Fortress, A-26 Invader, C-47 Skytrain - demolished 2003 (vacant lot)
Douglas -;-;DT;- Tulsa OK B-24 Liberator, A-26 Invader, C-47 Skytrain 22,000 (now Sprit Aerostructures Plant) is still operating
Douglas -;-;DC;- Chicago IL C-54 Skymaster - demolished ~19xx (site is now northeast ramp at ORD)
Douglas -;-;DK;- Oklahoma City OK C-47 Skytrain - (now part of  Tinker AFB)
Ford -;-;FO;- Willow Run MI B-24 Liberator 42,000 (now GM Plant, Willow Run) is still operating building automotive transmissions
General Motors, Eastern Aircraft Division - Linden NJ FM Wildcat   (now GM Plant) is still operating
General Motors, Eastern Aircraft Division - Trenton NJ TBM Avenger   vacant facility since 1994
Goodyear - Akron OH FG-1 Corsair (F4U) - (now Lockheed Martin Plant) is still operating building Electronics and Surveillance 
Grumman -;-;GR;- Bethpage NY F6F Hellcat 25,000 Northrop Grumman still operating 

airfield closed

Hughes - Culver City CA HK-1 - Playa Vista utilized as studio sound stage 

airfield closed

Lockheed B-1 ;-;LO;- Burbank CA P-38 Lightning 94,000 corp. demolished 1993 (site is now a shopping mall) 

airfield closed

Lockheed A-1 ;-;VE;- Burbank CA B-17 Flying Fortress, PV-2 Harpoon incl. demolished 2000 (site is now a parking lot)
Lockheed B-3 ;-;LO;- Burbank CA C-60 Lodestar incl. demolished 1993-1998 (site is now industrial park and vacant lot) 
Lockheed B-6 ;-;LO;- Burbank CA C-69 Constellation incl. demolished 1993-1998 (vacant lot) 
Martin -;-;MA;- Middle River MD B-26 Marauder 53,000 (now GE Middle River Aircraft Plant) is still operating building jet engine thrust reversers
Martin -;-;MO;- Omaha NE B-29 Superfortress 14,000 (now part of  Offutt AFB)
Naval Aircraft Factory - Philadelphia PA PBN-1 Nomad - vacant facility since 1995

airfield closed

Northrop -;-;NO;- Hawthorne CA P-61 Black Widow - (now Vought Plant) is still operating 
North American -;-;NA;- Inglewood CA AT-6 Texan, P-51 Mustang
B-25 Mitchell
- demolished 1980’s (site is now LAX Air Cargo facility)
North American -;-;NC;- Kansas City KS B-25 Mitchell - demolished  1990's (vacant lot)

airfield closed

North American -;-;NT;- Dallas TX B-24
Liberator, AT-6 Texan, P-51 Mustang
- (now Vought Plant) is still operating building C-17 tails
Republic -;-;RE;- Farmingdale NY P-47 Thunderbolt 24,000 demolished 1997 (vacant lot) 
Republic -;-;RA;- Evansville IN P-47 Thunderbolt - (now Whirlpool Plant) is still operating building refrigerators
Ryan -;-;RY;- San Diego CA PT-22 - (now Northrop Grumman Plant) is vacant facility since 2000
Vought - Stratford CT F4U Corsair - vacant facility since 1994
Vultee -;-;VU;- Downey CA BT-13 Valiant - vacant facility since 1999

airfield closed

Vultee -;-;VN;- Nashville TN A-31 Vengence - (now Vought Plant) is still operating building wing and tail sections.

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